While it is undeniable that the academic accreditation of a tutor is important, the interest and pedagogy of the tutor is equally crucial to ensure that the student gets the most out of the tutoring. Hence, I have adopted a Student-Centered Approach in the planning and execution of my lessons.

Having gone through a tumultuous journey in the education system, I realised that it is also important to guide my students in their future beyond their current academic hurdles. As such, I am using my website as a platform to inform my students of their choices after their GCE ‘A’ level examinations. This is due to my firm belief that while good results open doors, good advice will illuminate their paths as they make their first step into the society. This is incredibly important in view of the increasingly competitive environment in the local universities and job market. Such additional measures testify to my unswerving commitment in ensuring the success of my students.

Aside from all these, what differentiates me from most other tutors with equally impressive academic records, is my personal academic endeavours. Having gone through from the bottom to the top rungs of the academic ladder allows me to empathise with the struggles of many students. Such empathy will definitely translate into patience and dedication to my students as I hope that my personal story would inspire them to trudge on and achieve the best that they can be.