JC Physics Tuition

AnthonyTuition which was established by Mr Anthony, specialises in H2 Physics Tuition . With proven and effective pedagogy, he has guided batches of students towards academic excellence at the GCE A-Level.

JC Physics Questions Structure

There are two spectrums of topics for H2 Physics. Quantitative (i.e. calculations intensive) based topics which include topics such as Classical Mechanic (Forces, Kinematic etc) and Qualitative (i.e. explanation and descriptive based) questions which include topics such as Quantum Mechanics, Semiconductor etc. The students will have to be proficient at such questions through practice with the correct understanding in order to do well at the GCE A Level for H2 Physics.

Master Physics with Everyday Physics

Appreciating the relevance of physics in your everyday life is essential in mastering the subject efficiently. As a H2 Physics Tuition specialist, AnthonyTuition will aim to connect the concept and theories of Physics to everyday physics. Addtionally, AnthonyTuition adopt an interactive learning approach by encouraging the H2 Physics students to draft notes of their own and update it periodically as they make progress in their understanding. This approach allows students to better understand physics through their own interpretation and enables the tutor to keep tabs on their level of understanding via their writing.

Many JC Physics students often have the tendency to memorise ‘model answers’, which is simply insufficient to aid their understanding of the questions and should only be used as a guideline or reference. Physics can only be comprehended through practice and the understanding of concepts, and therefore students are urged to form their own analysis of the concepts.


H2 Physics Tuition Specialist