QuoteAnthony is a very dedicated teacher and is uniquely different from all the previous tuition teachers I had throughout my past years of education. He understand the needs and struggles of being a student and is able to wire his teaching style to cater to those needs- relentless repeating of concepts and topics for forgetful, interesting analogies for the imaginative, classification of question types for the structured and tailored questions suited to the abilities of students. He is very dedicated to teaching his students and is willing to go the extra mile and put in extra time to give us extra lessons for the extra grade. Nearing A levels, the weekly tuition and extra sessions are able to help me enforce and practice both my math and physics concepts as he is able to reduce challenging concepts into something that sounds less alien. Having been in his class for a year, I have not only gained knowledge of the respective subjects, but also learnt more about effective studying methods and exam techniques.

Regine Lee (Anderson Junior College, 2013)

Testimonials about Anthony Tuition  Specialist

Quote of Anthony Tuition ClassesI was a student of Anthony's Tuition in year 2013. I took my A levels back in year 2012. However, I was unsatisfied with my results and decided to retake my A levels in year 2013. I knew I needed extra help in my H2 Mathematics (Subject code 9740). I was introduced by my friend, a former student of Anthony.

I started my lessons in May, attending lessons in together with three other students who were taking their A levels in the same year as me. I was impressed with the passion that Anthony had for teaching, and it really motivated me. Anthony was not like the other teachers that taught me in school. He taught us how the formula were formulated, instead of throwing us them and making us memorise without any idea how it was derived. This was a simple gesture; however, it helped in memory work, and also prevented me from confusing one component with another similar component. Anthony also took the effort to look through our work and point out our mistakes and made sure we understood how and where went wrong – something that was lacking in schools today because teachers have so many commitments. Instead of making us do papers after papers, Anthony cleared misconceptions, and that helped strengthen my foundation. The belief that he has, quality over quantity, coupled with his passion, helped me achieve my As in my H2 Mathematics eventually. Not forgetting how he would give me extra help by willing asking me to stay back to do practice papers (I was a private candidate and was in need of proper exam conditioned papers). His kind gestures are difficult to be found in teachers today, and for that I am thankful that I have this opportunity to be his student.

Celia Chia (Private Student, 2013)

QuoteStaying in the west means I have to regularly make long journey to attend Mr Anthony classes. However all these long journey trips were worthwhile as I learnt a lot from his classes and subseqently did well for the A-Level. Having struggling with physics through my JC1, I have never imagined myself to be able to appreciate and apply the difficult physics concept. I was very impressed with his ability and patient to break down complex physics concept with interesting analogies. Additionally Mr Anthony is also a very determined tutor. Knowing that I was not doing so well with my H2 Maths with only few months left to the A-Level, Mr Anthony encouraged me to join the maths lessons. He went the extra mile to plan my school work and even sacrificed his time to organised weekly revision class late at night.

He always reminded us that "No success comes without hardwork", I will remember that!. Thanks you Mr Anthony for all the guidance , effort and the endless inspirational sharing!

Matthew Chan (Anglo Chinese Junior College, 2012)

Testimonials about Anthony Tuition  Specialist

Quote of Anthony Tuition ClassesAnthony is a very dedicated and caring tutor. Despite almost half the academic year gone(2012), he still willingly took me in and adjusted his schedule to the best of his abilities to accommodate to my learning needs. He patiently guided me through the Mathematics concepts week after week until I understood it. Even then he still took the effort to refresh the concepts with his students from time to time. His notes are done up in a straightforward fashion, making it easy to understand and refer to. A lot of effort is put into his notes and they are constantly updated and revised. Subsequently, he gives us the updated notes to further aid in our revision. Anthony is highly focused on the end goal - the A-Levels; he makes sure everyone in his class has a good foundation to make revision easier. He narrowed down on our mistakes, giving us similar practise questions until we understood how to approach such questions. Closer to the A-Level's, he guided revision in such a way that whatever little time left was maximised. Questions were handled together as a class so that everyone could learn from each other. His teaching style benefits everyone greatly, making us more confident with the questions and concepts. In all, Anthony's patience and drive serve his students well in their preparation towards the A-Level's.

Myra Tan (ST Andrew Junior College, 2012)

QuoteAnthony is a very dedicated teacher who is willing to go the extra mile in helping his students out with all their problems. For each topic, he is patient and thorough in his explanation. Using examples, he would go through the basic concepts and make sure that I understand each of them before moving on. The use of different types of questions from each topic also reinforces the understanding of each concept. If I am ever stuck in any step of a question, he would drop me hints and slowly guide me until I have solved the question. Through his patient mentoring, I learned how to breakdown the requirements of each question and conquered my fear of tackling seemingly difficult and complicated questions. As a person who had little aptitude and interest for Math, learning and understanding each concept was a long and arduous journey that was made simpler because of his help. I even came to enjoy doing Mathematics papers! I eventually attained an A in the 2011 A levels’ exam under his tutelage and am extremely thankful for his help and also his commitment to my learning.

Bryna Lee (Private Candidate, 2011)

Testimonials about h2 Maths & Physics Tuition in Singapore

QuoteWhat sets Anthony apart from other tutors is the passion he channels into his work and the dedication he has to his students. Having approached him only eight months before the A levels and with a consistent S grade for my H2 Math, the amount of faith and patience he displayed while coaching me is truly commendable. Going the extra mile is characteristic of Anthony. Not only does he compile a comprehensive series of math worksheets for reinforcement and extra practice, he also encourages you and aims to help you realize your full potential.

He is versatile in his teaching methods. The ability to explain mathematical concepts in more ways than one was instrumental to my understanding them. He is able to cater to a body of students with varying learning styles and cognitive abilities. Previously complex theories were put across in a manner that made them straightforward and easily understood. Each lesson ends with a substantial take away – Anthony identifies weaknesses, gaps and errors in my approach and ensures that they are immediately corrected.

Despite his busy schedule, he is always willing to set aside time to help clarify doubts. Being goal oriented and having good planning skills were essential in helping me to achieve good results and academic success. Anthony is knowledgeable and does his best to provide sound advice. He is very accommodating and easy to work with. Going for math lessons were always a pleasure.

Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work. – Aristotle. I believe Anthony has adopted this philosophy, as it is evident in his teaching approaches and the accompanying results. Without his guidance, I doubt I would have scored the A I did for H2 Math in the A Levels.

Chen Xin (Jurong Junior College, 2011)

QuoteI was very reluctant to pursue tution sessions with Anthony at first because, it took me 1 hour to get Anthony's house for tuition. However, immediately after the first lesson with him, he identified every area I had trouble with. He was relentless in helping me with my math troubles, and was ever so patient with his explaination. He even sourced for so much material for me to practice math when previous tutors I had had would simply only concentrate on material given by the school. Much can be said about the determination of Anthony's coaching. Thank you so much for helping with my math when no one else seemed to be able to. Spending 1 hour traveling just to get to tuition was worth every penny.

Simran Kaur (Innova Junior College, 2010)

JC Maths Tuition Classes in Singapore

QuoteAnthony is a very dedicated tutor. He is truly concerned about his students’ academic in other subject areas and provide valuable guidance so that we can achieve our best possible A’level score. Anthony always seeks to identify a student’s weak areas every lesson and then spend more time to ensure that we have understood these troubling concepts. He makes his explanations intuitive and rather easily understood. Every lesson, thus, was enriching and confidence boosting for me. After explaining, he will relentlessly let us try out challenging questions regarding the newly taught concepts. These relentless practices have helped me to conquer some of my initial fears of attempting such challenging questions. Thank you for helping me so much in my A’levels! Though it was only slightly less than a year, I have learnt so much from you!

Chow Ler (St Andrew Junior College, 2010)

QuoteHaving no pure physics background, H2 Physics was tough for me to handle. I struggled through JC1 and failed almost all my physics tests and exams. Getting a U grade all the time demoralised and pushed me closer to my limit. Being patient and encouraging, Anthony would always reassure me that I can do it. He would repeat the same concept over and over again using different analogies each time just to make sure I truly understood the concept. He ensured that I do practice papers consistently and he would also bring them home to mark and grade them. Despite having to cope with his own studies, Anthony would still take time off his busy schedule to give me extra lessons whenever I needed them. His efforts paid off as he successfully turned me from a grade U to a grade C A level H2 physics scorer. Anthony is also fun to be with. Lessons with him are never boring or stressful. Being someone who was at the bottom himself, Anthony understands how it feels to be getting bad grades despite putting in much effort. I am truly inspired by him. Anthony, thank you for all that you have done and I wish you all the very best in your future endeavours.

Xin Yi (Nanyang Junior College, 2010)


QuoteAnthony is an excellent H2 Math tutor for me from the time I was in JC1 until the end of my JC2 journey. I don't remember ever associating anything to do with Math as 'fun' and 'enjoyable' until Anthony began to teach me halfway through my JC Year 1.

He is able to understand the difficulties of understanding mathematical concepts that we students face in Math, and more importantly, he is able to explain these concepts in a way that we could relate to and understand. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Anthony himself was once a Normal Technical Student in Secondary school. As such, he understood the students who face struggles in academics and knew the right ways to teach us such that we are able to absorb things effectively. The ability to make a supposedly dry and boring subject interesting is incredible and as a result, my math results improved tremendously in a short period of time from a D grade to an A grade during my promotional examinations at the end of JC1. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Anthony, who saved my H2 Mathematics in my JC years!

Hui Yu (Nanyang Junior College, 2009)

QuoteWhen I was a JC1student, there were many times when I could not understand the concepts behind each Maths topic. This resulted in me not being able to answer the questions which were asked differently from typical ones even when the methods used should be the same. Anthony has helped me to grasp the concepts gradually through detailed explanations and important examples. These allowed me to see the link between the concepts and apply the right one in each question. Subsequently, I was capable of handling the different types of question with greater confidence. Furthermore, the strategy of focusing on big topics had helped me to Ace my H2 Maths at the A-Level.

Yu Zheng (Anderson Junior College, 2009)


QuoteAnthony is a very encouraging and responsible tutor. His teachings has inspired me to learn physics with more enthusiasm. I never knew physics could be so interesting and easy to comprehend until I'm taught by him. He even took extra effort to summarize key points. Very useful for my revision. In all, he is an excellent tutor. Thanks for the past guidance!

Anqi (Innova Junior College, 2008)

QuoteAnthony is a very "interesting" and dedicated tutor, who always seem excited in explaining concepts. The analogies he used in teaching have been very useful and certainly allows me to understand the difficult physics concepts in an interesting way. Fresh in mind will be the river flow analogy he used in teaching the kirchoff's laws, which are very useful in the chapter of electrical circuit. Being a dedicated tutor, he will often text us with extra questions and remind us to do past year papers. He is very patient and always willing to repeat his explanations in a different ways , which is impressive.

Thanks for your guidance for the past one year and advices that you offered to me during my university applications. Keep in touch!

Qi Wen (Yishun Junior College, 2007)