Anthony Tuition Model
  1. Teaching from

    Tutor teaches best when he teaches from the heart with the student in mind. Beyond the delivery of subjects/topics that a tutor is passionate about, it is simply the passion to teach.

    The ability to offer alternate explanations that best enhance individual student's understanding, and the ability to drive the class towards achieving academic excellence are just a glimpse of what passion can bring about.

  2. Customized Learning

    Customized learning plan created based on student's learning styles, abilities and subject foundation (eg. an IP students may not have the same mathematics or physics foundation as a mainstream O-Level student).

    The tutor in-depth subject's knowledge and vast experience allowed efficient learning plan to be customised to the academic benefit of all students. While one size fits all learning plan is more practical, it is certainly not the best for all students.

  3. Student(s)- Tutor

    Two-way interactions between student(s) and tutor are constantly encouraged to increase the confidence, enthusiasm and motivation level of the student towards the academic subject.

    Monologue teaching style focuses on the delivery of topics, but very often at the trade-off of a student's understanding. The lack of confidence of student in the subject often hinders interaction at the student-tutor level, the excellent communication skill of tutor will be required to boost the confidence of the student for efficient learning-teaching.

  4. Optimal Class Size

    Teaching is most effective when the tutor is able to identify the weaknesses of their students. However when the class size gets too large, it becomes more challenging for the tutor to do so for individual student.

    Here at AnthonyTuition, the class size for all subjects i.e. Maths and Physics are always optimised to promote better learning and to facilitate the tutor's closer supervision of the students' work.

  5. Realistic Goal

    Students put in their best effort when the goal is seemingly achievable. Making the gap to academic success smaller and seemingly achievable for students is the true secret of AnthonyTuition!

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